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Music and Audio for Media

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Elevate your content with unique and exclusive music and audio for media.

Budget-friendly professionally written and produced songs to underscore your content.

High-quality audio to fit your foley and sound design needs.

Music and audio written and created specifically for your content.


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Kathleen Enriquez is a Filipino-American media composer, sound designer, and songwriter based in Orlando, Florida. Her journey in the music industry started at the age of 14, when she picked up her first guitar, taught herself how to play it, and started writing songs with it. In a span of 15 years after first learning to make music, Kathleen had migrated to the United States, earned her American citizenship, served 8 years in the military, graduated top of her class with a Music Production bachelor’s degree from Full Sail University, and started building a career in the music industry.  

Now she works as a freelance media composer, sound designer, songwriter, and educator. She is a three-time best music nominee for various Orlando Independent Film Group challenges, and in 2021, her composition for the short film “ISOLATED” won best music in the horror category during the group’s Chaos Challenge. Her song “Should’ve Said Goodbye” a collaboration with producer Colormind, garnered 5 stars and was a semi-finalist in the 2020 UK Songwriting Contest.

In 2022, Kathleen founded Augmented Musik, a library showcasing her audio and musical works, designed to help content creators get access to affordable exclusive and non-exclusive production music and song licenses. Through Augmented Musik, creators will also have free access to Kathleen’s growing catalog of high-quality foley and sound effects; they can also get in touch to discuss customized music composition, song, foley, and sound design project requests.



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